Oct 5, 2014

SIGMA Jewels - Fall Hunts

SIGMA Jewels - Leaf earrings

SIGMA Jewels - Leaf earrings

Leaf earrings in silver and gold. Modifiable and copyable. For Fashion Play HER Hunt (October 15 - November 15, costs 1L$).

SIGMA Jewels - Carib cuff

Carib cuff, in bright gold. Hand painted textures, modifiable and copyable. For Candy Kisses Hunt (Oct.15 - Nov.15, costs 1L$).

SIGMA Jewels - Hunt items

For Sour Pickles Hunt Geekin' Out Hunt (Oct. 1-31, costs 1L$).

SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Woman/50/130/38 
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