May 3, 2010

SIGMA Jewels - Siren

SIGMA Jewels/ Siren


The long necklace is inspired from a typical Greek traditional jewel known as "giordani". The word derives from the turkish "gerdan" that means neck. Giordani was a rich necklace with hunging coins and other assets. These jewels besides their decorative value were a way to show wealth and were completing the bridal gown. Traditional Greek jewels were produced in the 17th, 18th and 19th century AD by Greek craftsmen.

SIGMA Jewels/ Siren necklace

Available in two metal tones (silver & gold) and 5 seed bead colors (charcoal, cobalt-pink, red, brown-beige & green-terracotta). Most of the sculpts and all the textures are made for this line.

SIGMA Jewels/ Siren

Full bright on/off via menu.

Resizable via menu (necklace & bracelets).

Copy only.

SIGMA Jewels/ Siren necklace

SIGMA Jewels MAINSTORE : Woman/141/155/41

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