May 13, 2010

SIGMA Jewels - Eyelet

SIGMA Jewels/ Eyelet

A polished wooden ring in 3 juicy colors rests within a custom made metal frame making an intresting contrast. The design completes a cluster of delicate chains with beads at the ends. Muted metals in gold and silver, hand painted. This eyelet is the main concept for both the earrings (released last month) and the bracelets.

Available in 3 color/metal options, grape/gold, sea/gold and pear/silver. Earrings and bracelets are sold seperately. Each bracelet comes in 3 variations, left, right and right upsd.

SIGMA Jewels/ Eyelet earrings

SIGMA Jewels/ Eyelet bracelets


Full bright on/off via menu.

Bracelets resizable via menu.

Copy only.

Sold at SIGMA Jewels outlet at LE.LOOK!
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