Mar 5, 2010

SIGMA Jewels - Admira

SIGMA Jewels/ Admira

"Admira" necklace and earrings is an AF2010 release. Leaf-like shaped pendants lay against the neck and hang from the ears.
The matching bangles are a later addition.

Available in 5 colors (brown, charcoal, red, sea & purple) and in 2 metals (silver & gold).

SIGMA Jewels/ Admira


Necklace attaches in spine or chest.

Necklace and bracelets are resizable via menu.

Full bright on/off via menu.

Copy only.

Sold seperately and in color packs.

SIGMA Jewels/ Admira earrings

flagship store (main hall) : Jewellery/201/55/38

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