Feb 20, 2010

GIA Accessory Fair Press Release - 2/20/10

GLANCE International Agency Plans "Accessory Fair 2010"
-- Space available for jewelry, hair, and other accessory vendors --

GLANCE - February 20, 2010 – GLANCE International Agency (GIA), SL's premiere fashion marketing and public relations agency, said today that it is planning an "Accessory Fair" featuring a broad range of accessories to add those finishing touches to one's avatar. GIA is seeking hair, jewelry, tattoo, nail and other "accessory" vendors, or other retailers that sell accessory products, to participate in this exciting event.

GIA announced that the "Accessory Fair 2010" will run for 3 weeks, from Saturday, March 6th through Saturday, March 27, 2010. Three booth sizes are available, with increasing prim allowments to enable both the largest retailers and the smallest specialty shops in order to offer a range of products during this special event.

GLANCE International Agency will be actively promoting both the Accessory Fair, as well as the participating designers, doubling the value of the Fair by driving traffic and creating name and brand recognition for participating designers.

For more information or to receive an Accessory Fair Exhibitor Packet, please contact GIA founder & CEO Patty Cortes, or GIA Chief Operating Officer, HoneyBear Lilliehook.

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