Feb 3, 2010

Bejambled Jewelry Outlet and Valentine Hunt, Feb 6th-21st

Bejambled Jewelry Outlet carries ONLY jewelry by some of the most talented content creators in the business. Feed your desires with a selection from rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, diamonds, chains, chokers, jewels, gems at the Jewelry Outlet

Please visit these wonderful shops and join in the Valentine Hunt.

The rules :
Hidden around the mall are red heart shaped gems containing jewelry items that were never released.

The hunt runs from Feb.6th to 21st. So you have plenty of time to search and to tell all of your friends!

The rules are :
- Each gem contains one word. You should find all of them to build a sentence.
- The gems are numbered so that you know if you have them all
- The words are given on a random basis.
Those who will be able to give the complete sentence will win an additional prize consisting of a very nice mystery gift !
However, do not believe the gems will be easy to find.... you will have to search quite a lot which will give you the opportunity to enjoy our shops at the same time...

As soon as you have the full sentence ready, please send it to Anyraya Braveheart to get your winner gift !

Also please join our group to be kept aware of special sales, promotions and events.
You can also refer to our website : http://www.bejamble.net/bjo/index.php

Please be sure to visit us often and mark your agenda for the next treasure hunt at Easter !

Cory Handcroft
Anyraya Braveheart

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