Sep 24, 2009

2009 Jewelry Fair!

Features: *over 130 Jeweler's creations *Dunk Tank - dunk a Jeweler (or a Linden!) for charity *Kissing booth - kiss a Jeweler for charity *one of a kind auctions - bid on original jewelry pieces never to be owned by anyone else on the grid *jeweler resources area - how to make your own jewelry! *demonstrations and classes on jewelry making (schedule handed out at the fair)
Many of our vendors are selling special pieces which 50% of the money goes directly to charity.
See you at the fair!

Fall 1 - Jeweler Resources, Classes and Demonstrations
Fall 2 - Kissing Booth
Winter 1 - Sponsors
Winter 2 - booths
Spring 1 - Sponsors
Spring 2 - Dunk Tank
Summer 1 - booths
Summer 2 - Auctions

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