Jewelry & Accesory Expo 2014

Nov 5, 2014

work in progress ...

Currently working on a layered chain necklace idea. The photo is a rough preview. Hopefully it is going to be exclusively released for this year's Jewelry & Accessory Expo (Dec. 5th-13th).

SIGMA Jewels - Butterfly ring

Nov 1, 2014

SIGMA Jewels - Butterfly ring

SIGMA Jewels - Butterfly rings

Butterfly ring, a pair of metal wings around a small pearl. Unrigged mesh made. Comes in 2 shades, silver and brass. The ring is copyable and resizable via menu. Although it's resizable, there are 3 options in size and position included in the pack suitable for classic avatar hands, Slink hands (casual model) and TheMeshProject hands.
Sold exclusively for now at the L&K event with a specially discounted price. The price is subject to change after the end of the event when it will be released at the SIGMA mainstore.

SIGMA Jewels - Iris earrings

Oct 22, 2014

SIGMA Jewels - Iris earrings

Glossy silver circular earrings, for 1L$ at the mainstore. Features: unrigged mesh, copyable.


SIGMA Jewels - Rhea necklace

Oct 18, 2014

SIGMA Jewels/ Rhea necklace

SIGMA Jewels - Rhea

Rhea necklace has just been released. Unrigged mesh made, is available in 3 shades. Both gold and silver option are included in each pack. Copyable and resizable.


SIGMA Jewels - Fall Hunts

Oct 5, 2014

SIGMA Jewels - Leaf earrings

SIGMA Jewels - Leaf earrings

Leaf earrings in silver and gold. Modifiable and copyable. For Fashion Play HER Hunt (October 15 - November 15, costs 1L$).

SIGMA Jewels - Carib cuff

Carib cuff, in bright gold. Hand painted textures, modifiable and copyable. For Candy Kisses Hunt (Oct.15 - Nov.15, costs 1L$).

SIGMA Jewels - Hunt items

For Sour Pickles Hunt Geekin' Out Hunt (Oct. 1-31, costs 1L$).


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