SIGMA - Eloise

Dec 11, 2014

SIGMA - Eloise necklaces

SIGMA - Eloise collar necklace

Eloise is a set of two necklaces that can be worn together. Steel chain links blend with fabric in 3 shades, slate, khaki and coal. Unrigged mesh made, resizable via menu and copyable.

Like all SIGMA items, these are custom designed and made from scratch.

SIGMA - Eloise

Available from Dec.13 at the FROST fair 2014. After the end of the event it will be released at the SIGMA mainstore.

Christmas Hunts

Nov 30, 2014

Christmas Hunts

The World of Fantasies Hunt (Nov 20 - Dec 20)
Candy Cane 6 Hunt (Nov 29 - Dec 25)
All I want for Xmas Hunt (Dec 1-31)


SIGMA Jewels - Butterfly ring

Nov 1, 2014

SIGMA Jewels - Butterfly ring

SIGMA Jewels - Butterfly rings

Butterfly ring, a pair of metal wings around a small pearl. Unrigged mesh made. Comes in 2 shades, silver and brass. The ring is copyable and resizable via menu. Although it's resizable, there are 3 options in size and position included in the pack suitable for classic avatar hands, Slink hands (casual model) and TheMeshProject hands.
Sold exclusively for now at the L&K event with a specially discounted price. The price is subject to change after the end of the event when it will be released at the SIGMA mainstore.

SIGMA Jewels - Iris earrings

Oct 22, 2014

SIGMA Jewels - Iris earrings

Glossy silver circular earrings, for 1L$ at the mainstore. Features: unrigged mesh, copyable.


SIGMA Jewels - Rhea necklace

Oct 18, 2014

SIGMA Jewels/ Rhea necklace

SIGMA Jewels - Rhea

Rhea necklace has just been released. Unrigged mesh made, is available in 3 shades. Both gold and silver option are included in each pack. Copyable and resizable.


SIGMA Jewels - Fall Hunts

Oct 5, 2014

SIGMA Jewels - Leaf earrings

SIGMA Jewels - Leaf earrings

Leaf earrings in silver and gold. Modifiable and copyable. For Fashion Play HER Hunt (October 15 - November 15, costs 1L$).

SIGMA Jewels - Carib cuff

Carib cuff, in bright gold. Hand painted textures, modifiable and copyable. For Candy Kisses Hunt (Oct.15 - Nov.15, costs 1L$).

SIGMA Jewels - Hunt items

For Sour Pickles Hunt Geekin' Out Hunt (Oct. 1-31, costs 1L$).


SIGMA Jewels - Leaf bracelet

Sep 29, 2014

SIGMA Jewels - Leaf bracelets

Organic shaped bracelets in gold and silver. Modifiable and copyable.

SIGMA Jewels - Leaf bracelets

SIGMA Jewels - Leaf bracelets gold


SIGMA Jewels - Anthi earrings

SIGMA Jewels/ Anthi earrings

Anthi earrings. Five color options packed all together in a specially low price. Modifiable and copyable. Can be bought for a present via the GIFT option on the BUY menu.

SIGMA Jewels/ Anthi earrings

SIGMA Jewels Mainstore

SIGMA Jewels - Fleur necklace

Jun 29, 2014

SIGMA Jewels/ Fleur necklace

Fleur necklace, a chunky colourful piece, is available exclusively for now at the Manga Fair 2014.


SIGMA Jewels - Janis clutch

Jun 2, 2014

SIGMA Jewels/ Janis clutch

Janis clutch is the new mesh Sigma release. Comes in five colors in two versions, one with a pose on attach, one unscripted. It's available for now at the Fashion Wardrobe event.


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